Northern Studies Volume 38 (2004)

'Central Places' in Viking-Age Orkney
Frans-Arne Stylegar
Among Dímons and Papeys: What Kind of Contact Do the Names Really Point To?
Peder Gammeltoft
The Coming of the Christmas Visitors...Folk Legends Concerning the Attacks
on Icelandic Farmhouses Made By Sprits at Christmas
Terry Gunnell
The Iona Chronicle, the Descendants of Áedan mac Gabráin, and the 'Principal Kindreds of Dál Riata'
James E. Fraser
A Reconsideration of the Kirk-Names in South-West Scotland
Alison Grant
Adomnán – Vanquisher of Binary Opposition: A Structural Analysis of the Miracles in the Second Book of Adomnán's Vita Columbae
Jonathan Miles-Watson

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