Northern Studies Volume 37 (2003)

Hermann Pálsson (1921-2002)
Arne Kruse
Colin Alexander Mackenzie, a British Agent at Tilsit
Thomas Munch-Petersen
The Dabhach Reconsidered: Pre-Norse or Post-Norse?
Gareth Williams
'Southward Ho!' (by way of the Arctic)
Mary Jones
Collection - Atlantic Peoples Between Fire, Ice, River and Sea: Past Environments
in Southern Iceland
Kristján Ahronson
One North Atlantic Cave Settlement: Preliminary Archaeological and
Environmental Investigations at Seljaland, Southern Iceland
Kristján Ahronson
Dating the Cave? The Preliminary Tephra Stratigraphy at Kverkin, Seljaland
Kate T. Smith & Kristján Ahronson
Post-Settlement Land Disturbance Indicated by Magnetic Susceptibility
of Aeolian Soils at Seljaland
Donald Ashburn, Martin P. Kirkbride & Andrew J. Dugmore
Where are Eyjafjallasveit's Earliest Settlement Sites? A Review of the
Documentary Evidence
Alan Macniven
Book Review - The Place-Name Element bólstaðr in the North Atlantic Area
by Peter Gammeltoft
Åse Kari Hansen Wagner
Book Review - The Victorians and the Vikings: Inventing the Old North in Nineteenth-Century Britain by Andrew Wawn
Peter Graves
Book Review - Scotland and the Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648
edited by Steve Murdoch
Ewen A. Cameron
Book Review - Denmark and Scotland: the Cultural and Environmental Resources
of Small Nations
edited by Gillian Fellows-Jensen
Ian A. Morrison
Book Review - Norske gårdsnavn på -by og -bø med personnavnforledd
by Tom Schmidt
Doreen J. Waugh

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