Northern Studies Volume 36 (2001)

The Picts and the Martyrs
Brian Smith
War or Peace? The Relations Between the Picts and the Norse in Orkney
Jessica Bäcklund
Women and Ships in the Viking World
Judith Jesch
In (and around) Scatness
Doreen J. Waugh
Settlement Names of Two Millenniums: The Dating of the Land-Names and the Semantics of the Ending -Land
Inge Særheim
Entrapment and Escape: Narrative Techniques in Representations of Sexual Abuse in Herbjørg Wassmo's Huset med den blinde glassveranda
Steinvör Pálsson
Book Review - Prolonged Echoes: Old Norse Myths in Medieval Northern Society, Vols 1 & 2
by Margaret Clunies Ross
Hermann Pálsson
Book Review - George Campbell Hay (Deðrsa Mac Iain Dheðrsa)
edited by Michel Byrne
Thomas Owen Clancy
Book Review - Fröding, Burns and Scott by Peter Graves
Harry D. Watson
Book Review - Ethics and Action in Thirteenth-Century Iceland by Guðrún Nordal
Hermann Pálsson
Book Review - Chieftains and Power in the Icelandic Commonwealth
by Jón Viðar Sigurðsson
Hermann Pálsson
Book Review - Toons and Tenants: Settlement and Society in Shetland, 1299-1899 by Brian Smith
Gareth Williams
Book Review - The Place-Names of Arran by Ian A. Fraser
Doreen J. Waugh
Book Review - The Norwegian Invasion of England in 1066 by Kelly DeVries
Alex Woolf

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