Northern Studies Volume 35 (2000)

Obituary - Alan Small
Eve M. Soulsby
Vínland Revisited
Hermann Pálsson
The Wolf Miracle in Magnúss Saga Lengri
Lisa Collinson
Saga as a Modern Medium: Evolution of the Genre in Gregor Lamb's Langskaill
Simon Hall
Viking Maritime Heritage in Normandy from a British Isles Perspective
Elisabeth Ridel
Norse in the Place-Names of Barra
Anke-Beate Stahl
The Persuasive Rhetoric of Ibsen's Brand
Marie Wells
Bronze Age Timbers from Creag Ruaidh, Achmore, Isle of Lewis
Thomas Rees & Michael Church
Book Review - Úr landnorði. Samar go ytstu rætur íslenskrar menningar
by Hermann Pálsson
Gunhild Kværness
Book Review - Alexander III - King of Scots by Marion Campbell
Andrew Jennings
Addendum & Errata

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