Northern Studies Volume 31 (1996)

Aspects of Norse Place Names in the Western Isles
Hermann Pálsson
The Excavation of a Carnfield at Kildonan, Sutherland
C.J. Russell-White
The Policy of 1812: Swedish Foreign Policy from the Congress of Vienna
to the Outbreak of the Crimean War
Thomas Munch-Petersen
Ivan Aasen and Knud Knudsen – The Centenary and the Legacy
Arne Kruse
Politicized Use of Norse Myth and Tor Obrestad's Misteltein (1987)
Fiona Twycross
Stewart Oakley, 1931-1995: A Memoir
John Townsend
Book Review - Carl Linnaeus: The Lapland Journey edited by Peter Graves
Harry D. Watson
Book Review - Historical Dictionary of Sweden edited by Irene Scobbie
Peter Graves
Book Review - The Saga of Hávarður of ́Ísafjörður edited E. Paul Durrenburger
and Dorothy Durrenburger
Herman Pálsson

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