Northern Studies Volume 24 (1987)

Doreen Waugh
Thomas Balfour of Elwick (1752-99), An Orcadian Improver – A Sketch of
his Origins and Career
R.P. Fereday
Willa-Mina Hoga in South Yell, Shetland
John H. Ballantyne
Shetlanders and Fishing: Historical and Geographical Aspects of an Evolving Relationship (Part I)
James J.A. Irvine & Ian A. Morrison
Princess Cecilia Vasa and Queen Elizabeth of England
Ian Keillar
Book Review - Shetland Place-Names by John Stewart
Gillian Fellows-Jensen
Book Reviews -
George Washington Wilson in Edinburgh by Alastair J. Durie
George Washington Wilson in Orkney and Shetland by John S. Smith
John Baldwin
Book Review - Ouncelands and Pennylands edited by L.J. Macgregor
& B.E. Crawford
Doreen Waugh
Book Review - Discover Your Past – The Archaeology of Tayside
edited by MacManus Galleries, Dundee
Doreen Waugh

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