Northern Studies Volume 22 (1985)

Doreen Waugh
Cultural Landscape Change on the Outer Coast of Central Norway
Michael Jones
The Crofting 'Pioneer Fringe' in Nineteenth Century Shapinsay, Orkney
William P. L. Thomson
P.C. Jersild's Novel Djurdoktorn and Modern Swedish Society
Irene Scobbie
Peter Dass (1647-1707)
John Simpson
The Penny in the Pennylands: Coinage in Scotland in the Early MIddle Ages
Veronica Smart
Oliver Cromwell and Queen Christina – A Sidelight Upon the Court of Sweden
Edward Turnbull
MS Found in the Garderobe of Castle Weary, Benbecula
Edited by Doreen Waugh
Book Review - Culture and History in Mediaeval Iceland: An Anthropological Analysis of Structure and Change by K. Hastrup
Anthony Jackson
Book Review - Scandinavian Settlement Names in the North-West
by Gillian Fellows-Jensen
Ian A. Fraser
Book Reviews -
The Orkney Story by Liv Kjörsvik Schei & Gunnie Moberg
The Prehistory of Orkney, B.C. 4000-1000 A.D. edited by Colin Renfrew
Earl, Saint, Bishop, Skald – and Music: The Orkney Earldom of the Twelfth Century, A Musicological Study by Ingrid De Geer
Barbara Crawford
Book Review - Exploring Scotland's Heritage: Orkney and Shetland
edited by Anna Ritchie
Doreen Waugh
Journal Review - Swedish Book Review: 1984 published by The Swedish-English Literary Translators' Association
Maja Jackson
Obituaries - Professor William Beattie & Gladys Hird
Ian A. Fraser

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