Northern Studies Volume 2 (1973)

The Conference of the Scottish Society of Northern Studies in Orkney -
A Personal View
Giovanna Halford-MacLeod
The Catching of Sea Birds in Northern and Western Scotland and the Faroes -
A Summary of Historical and Contemporary Survival

John R. Baldwin
What is Orkneyinga Saga About?
Edward J. Cowan
Orkneyinga Saga, Jarlshof and Viking Sea Routes
Ian A. Morrison
Royal Assemblies in Scandinavia and Western Europe in the Middle Ages
Knut Helle
Sweden - A Country in Transformation
Staffan Helmfrid
Scandinavia and European Integration: The Response to the Institutions
T. C. Archer
A Report on Excavations at Bishop's Castle, Scrabster, 1973
Eric Talbot
Book Review - Eyrbyggja Saga (translated by Hermann Palsson and Paul Edwards)
Edward J. Cowan
Book Review - Sweden: Nation of the Modern World by Irene Scobbie
Stephen Maxwell
Book Review - The Various Names of Shetland by Alexander Fenton
Ian Fraser
Book Review - Faroe: The Emergence of a Nation by John F. West
Anthony Jackson
Lectures and Committee Visitors

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