Northern Studies Volume 18 (1981)

Through Nothern Eyes: Scoto-Scandinavian Literary Parallels
Harry Watson
A Bibliography of Onomastic and Related Topics Relating to Scotland and Scandinavia
Gillian Fellows Jensen
Maritime Catastrophes, Their Archaeological and Documentary Legacies:
With Reflections on the Centenary of the Shetland Fisheries Disaster of 1881
Ian A. Morrison
Conference Review: National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland - Northern and Western Isles in the Viking World: Survival, Continuity and Change
Gillian Fellows Jensen
The Contribution of Christian Nielsen to the Recording of Traditional Danish
Boat Types
Ian A. Morrison
Book Review - Portrait of Orkney by George Mackay Brown with photographs by Werner Forman
John R. Baldwin
Book Review - Alexander Lindsay, a Rutter of the Scottish Seas - An Abridged Version of a Manuscript by the Late Dr. A.B. Taylor edited by I.H. Adams and George Fortune
Ian A. Fraser

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