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Traversing the
Inner Seas

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Historic Bute:
Land and People

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Barra and Skye

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Skalds & Saints

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Mannin Revisited

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The Province of Strathnaver

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Northern Links

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Peoples & Settlement
in North-West Ross

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Province and People

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Land & Lordship

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Firthlands of
Ross & Sutherland

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The Scandinavians
in Cumbria

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A Cultural Crossroads

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Scandinavian Shetland:
An Ongoing Tradition?

Encompassing three main themes, ten authors, and a multitude of interdisciplinary insights, this peer-reviewed volume represents some of the foremost research from the Society's most recent residential conferences, exploring the turbulent history and legacy of the interconnected seascape between Scotland and the north of Ireland.
Well-illustrated and with much-appreciated support from contributors and funding bodies, this volume contains papers from the Society’s highly successful 2010 residential conference held on Bute.

Barra and Skye: Two Hebridean Perspectives (2006)

Note: as this monograph is still available in print, we will not yet be releasing the content digitally.

Front Matter

Arne Kruse - pp. 7-8


Barra - the Physical Background
Noel Fojut - pp. 11-20

Kisimul Castle and the Origins of Hebridean Galley-Castles: Preliminary Thoughts
Jan R. Macneil - pp. 21-46

Kisimul Castle: Recent Work by Historic Scotland
Sally Foster - pp. 47-65

Barra and Its History: Through the Eyes and Ears of a Modern Seanachaidh
Calum MacNeil - pp. 66-90

A Note on Calum a' Chai, the Seanachaidh
Ian R. Macneil - pp. 91-93

On the Verge of Loss: Lesser Known Place-names of Barra and Vatersay
Anke Beate Stahl - pp. 94-114


A Hunter-Gatherer Landscape: Searching for Evidence of the Earliest Settlers of the Scottish West Coast
Steven A. Birch - pp. 116-139

Skye from Somerled to A.D. 1500
G.W.S. Barrow - pp. 140-154

"Chaidh a' Chuibhle mun Cuairt" - Skye and the Land Agitation
John Norman MacLeod - pp. 155-166

Some Reflections on the Poetry of Skye
Aonghas MacNeacail - pp. 167-183
This volume brings together knowledge concerning two of the Western Isles. Experts illuminate us in their specialist fields, including natural history, genealogy, place-names and architecture.
Another volume in the series of publications by the SSNS. The conference which gave rise to this Orkney volume took place in Kirkwall in July 1999 and was contributed to by local people.
This volume of 12 essays derives from the SSNS conference held in Port Erin in 2000. The essays cover the geography, archaeology and history of Man, including a study of its last feudal lord - James Murray, 2nd Duke of Atholl, who inherited the island in 1736. Other essays deal with Manx farming, folklore and music, the relationship between Tynwald and Westminster, and the remarkable recovery of Manx Gaelic.

The Province of Strathnaver (2000)

Note: as this monograph is still available in print, we will not yet be releasing the content digitally.

Front Matter

John R. Baldwin - pp. ix-xxi


Medieval Strathnaver
Barbara E. Crawford - pp. 1-12

A Scatter of Norse Names in Strathnaver
Doreen Waugh - pp. 12-23

A Viking Burial at Balnakeil, Sutherland
Dorothy M. Low, Colleen E. Batey & Robert Gourlay - pp. 24-34


From Clanship to Crafting: Landownership, Economy and the Church in the Province of Strathnaver
Malcolm Bangor-Jones - pp. 35-99

Fearchar Lighiche and the Traditional Medicines of the North
Mary Beith - pp. 100-115

Working with Seaweed in North-West Sutherland
John R. Baldwin - pp. 116-142

Bighouse and Strath Halladale, Sutherland
Elizabeth Beaton - pp. 143-172

The Excavation of a Turf Long-House at Lairg, Sutherland
R.P.J. McCullagh - pp. 173-193

The Strathnaver Clearances in Modern Scottish Fiction: History, Literary Perception and Memory
Laurence Gourievidis - pp. 194-214


Souterrains in Sutherland
Alex. Morrison - pp. 215-235

Palaeo-Environmental History of the Strathnaver Area of Sutherland: 0-12,000 BP
Jacqueline P. Huntley - pp. 236-245
This volume explores the history and every-day life of these northernmost parts of the Scottish mainland. It explores underground earth houses, a Norse burial and Norse place-names, the Mackay lairds and the Sutherland earls, ‘big hooses’ and farmhouses. It delves into crofing life and the harvesting of seaweed, the traditional healing of the Beatons of Melness and 20th-century literary perceptions of the Strathnaver clearances - Gunn, MacColla and Crichton Smith.

Shetland's Northern Links: Language & History (1996)

Note: as this monograph is still available in print, we will not yet be releasing the content digitally.

Front Matter

Doreen J. Waugh – pp. i-ii

Jakob Jakobsen and the Norn Language of Shetland
Michael P. Barnes – pp. 1-15 Tingwall: The Significance of the Name
Gillian Fellows-Jensen – pp. 16-29

The Development of the Spoken and Written Shetland Dialect: A Historian's View
Brian Smith – pp. 30-43

'We're aa da same here - but different, too': Some Notes on Regional Linguistic Variation in Shetland
Gunnel Melchers – pp. 44-51

Shetland Literature and the Idea of Community
Laurence Graham – pp. 52-65

Shetland: The Land, Sea and Human Environments
James R. Coull – pp. 66-77

The Auld Rock: The Physical Environment as an Element in the Interplay of Continuity and Change in Shetland's History
Ian A. Morrison – pp. 78-90

Trees in Shetland? - A Palynological Exploration
Graeme Whittington – pp. 91-102

Not Seeing the Wood: An Armchair Archaeology of Shetland
Noel Fojut – pp. 103-116

Aspects of Viking Society in Shetland and the Faroe Islands
Steffen Stummann Hansen – pp. 117-135

The Excavation of a Wooden Building at The Biggings, Papa Stour, Shetland
Barbara E. Crawford – pp. 136-158

The Medieval Church in Shetland: Organisation and Buildings
Ronald G. Cant – pp. 159-173

Earl William to Earl Patrick: A Survey of the History of Orkney and Shetland from 1468 to 1615
Peter Anderson – pp. 174-185

Perceptions of Udal Law in Orkney and Shetland
Michael R.H. Jones – pp. 186-204

Heaps, Humps and Hollows on the Foula Skattald
John R. Baldwin – pp. 205-229

Three Rifted or Four Topped: Nineteenth Century Lug Marks from North Yell
Alexander Fenton – pp. 230-241

Sand, Innersand and Garderhouse: Place-Names in Use
Doreen J. Waugh – pp. 242-254
The conference which gave rise to this publication was held in Lerwick, Shetland, in July 1993, and marked the quarter-centenary of the Society’s existence.

Peoples & Settlement in North-West Ross (1994)

Front Matter

John R. Baldwin - pp. vii-xvi


Man and the Land: Physical Environment and Settlement in the North-West Highlands
Douglas P. Willis - pp. 1-14


Aspects of the Origin of the Brochs of Atlantic Scotland
Euan W. Mackie - pp. 15-42

Descendants of Norse Bólstaðr?: A Re-Examination of the Lineage of Bost & Co.
Richard Cox - pp. 43-67


What is a Vik?: An Investigation into an Old Norse Coastal Toponym
Ian A. Fraser - pp. 68-78

Mackenzie Families of the Barony of Lochbroom
Malcolm Bangor-Jones - pp. 79-117

The Church in the Western Parishes: Kintail to Lochbroom
R.W. Munro - pp. 118-135

The Making of the Gairloch Crofting Landscape
J.B. Caird - pp. 136-158

Building Traditions in Lochbroom and Gairloch Parishes
Elizabeth Beaton - pp. 159-192


The MacLeods of Lewis... and of Assynt, Coigach and Gairloch
Aubrey Halford-Macleod - pp. 193-213

Two Ecclesiastical Sites in the Summer Isles, Wester Ross
Marilyn Brown - pp. 214-225

Early Fishery and Forestry Developments on the Cromartie Estate of Coigach: 1660-1746
Monica Clough - pp. 226-243

Ullapool and the British Fisheries Society
Jean Munro - pp. 244-269

Poverty and Survival in Nineteenth Century Coigach
Eric Richards - pp. 270-289

At the Back of the Great Rock: Crofting and Settlement in Coigach, Lochbroom
John R. Baldwin - pp. 290-389

'Locals' and 'Incomers': Social and Cultural Identity in Late Twentieth Century Coigach
Angus Macleod & Geoff Payne - pp. 390-411
This volume brings together research pioneered over twenty and more years by recognised authorities in their respective fields. By exploring the the potential of archaeological field survey, sociological investigation and oral history in the area, a counter-balance to surviving estate papers and other administrative records is provided.

Moray: Province and People (1993)

Note: as this monograph is still available in print, we will not yet be releasing the content digitally.

Front Matter

David Sellar - pp. v-vi

The Geology and Landscape of Moray
Cornelius Gillen - pp. 1-23

Man in Moray: 5000 Years of History
Ian Keillar - pp. 24-46

The Moray Aerial Survey: Discovering the Prehistoric and Proto-Historic Landscape
Barri Jones, Ian Keillar and Keith Maude - pp. 47-74

The Picts in Moray
Ian A.G. Shepherd - pp. 75-90

Further Thoughts on Sueno's Stone
Anthony Jackson - pp. 91-95

Sueno's Stone and its Interpreters
David Sellar - pp. 96-116

The Historical MacBeth
Edward J. Cowan - pp. 117-142

The Wolf of Badenoch
Alexander Grant - pp. 143-161

The Great Hall and Roof of Darnaway Castle, Moray
Geoffrey Stell and Michael Baillie - pp. 162-186

The Culbin Sands: A Mystery Unravelled
Sinclair Ross - pp. 187-204

The Historic Architecture of Moray
Ronald G. Cant - pp. 205-224

The Pattern of Moray Building: An Introduction to Traditional Building Materials and Practices
Elizabeth Beaton - pp. 225-252

Names in the Landscape of the Moray Firth
W.F.H. Nicolaisen - pp. 253-262
In keeping with the traditions of the Society, this volume emphasises multi-disciplinarity, containing papers on Moray's geology, archaeology, architecture, dendrochronology and place-name studies. Several papers are historical, including particular studies of two of the most celebrated figures in the region's history: Macbeth and the "Wolf of Badenoch".

Galloway: Land and Lordship (1991)

This volume, based on papers read at the Society's annual conference of 1986, explores Galloway from a variety of historical perspectives and academic disciplines.
This volume contains a wide assortment of papers investigating the region surrounding the Dornoch and Cromarty Firths.
Papers from the Society's annual conference in Ambleside, Cumbria.
Papers from the Society's conference in Thurso, 1979.
These papers, delivered in Lerwick in April 1975 at the third conference of the SSNS, touch on a range of topics, historical, ethnological and contemporary, many of which have been little researched hitherto and many of which have been little publicised.
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